2020 Taught us 5 Things About Prepping

2020 lessons about prepping

The year 2020 taught us several lessons. It has definitely been a wild one. It began first with the coronavirus causing widespread panic and shortages in nearly every major store. Shortly after that widespread civil unrest caused riots in major cities which interrupted shipping lanes etc. Because of these incidents many people have decided to take steps to make sure they are prepared for various types of emergencies.

Here are 5 lessons that can be learned from 2020 that demonstrate why you should have at least some basic prepper skills and supplies. 

#1 Fear Can Cause More Harm than the Actual Danger

Whether you believe in the dangers of the coronavirus or not is irrelevant, what is obvious though is that the news media’s hype caused widespread panic. This is what caused all of the panic buying and the shortages in nearly every store.

It seems that those people who had called themselves preppers were the only ones who were semi ready for these mass shortages. They already had sufficient food stores on hand and were able to safely shelter at home without needing to risk venturing out into the public areas. Obvious score in this area for those “preppers”.  

#2 It Could be too Late to Stock Up When the Event Starts

When the news of the virus was made public it took less than a day or two for many food resources to be completely stripped from the shelves, other items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer followed suit just as fast. 

It took several months after the start of this event for the stores to be able to recover. When they would put out new supplies one or two shoppers would hoard these new items even after stores instituted a maximum per person.

This is one reason that many preppers feel you should have at a minimum one month worth of supplies. Even better would be a six month supply. 

#3 Riots Can Still Happen In 2020

2020 also brought on riots in nearly every major city. Despite previous thoughts that a riot could not happen in so and so many people were proven wrong. Most of these riots, while initially started with peaceful intentions, quickly escalated into people being injured. Looting of businesses and rampant destruction of property was also prevalent.

In several cases, certain areas were seized by the rioters and held for several days. The most notorious of these being an area in Seattle Washington that became known as CHAZ. This incident lasted from June 1st until July 1st. City officials then had officers clear the area due to numerous deaths of citizens in the area. 

Many of these incidents involved willing participants. However the businesses and innocent bystanders who were injured during these events often were not participants.

These innocents reinforce that riots are one of those things you should avoid and that you can prepare for. Consider where you live, where your business is located and what types of areas you may have to travel through. Keep in mind the dangers that could occur in a moment of civil unrest.

Some of the preparations that you can make are resources to allow you to stay either at work, or at home and not travel through that area. Plan out multiple routes to get somewhere that way if one of these routes is compromised you still have an alternative to get where you need to be. 

#4 The Resurgence of The Coronavirus

As the new school year moved closer people began preparing to go back to school and resume their normal lives. However, with an increase in the numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus many schools decided that they would remain closed.

This caused extreme hardships for some families with children. In many families both parents work or they may be single parent families. These families often could not afford to stay home with the children.

This is yet another area where previous preps could have helped. For instance many financial advisors suggest  that you have a 6 month emergency fund. If that is coupled with a Prepper’s Mindset in which they have several months worth of food and supplies set aside then these issues may not have affected them as much.

This was a situation that needed new thought processes. In the old days it was often said that you need a village to raise a child. Put this into action if you find yourself facing a similar situation.

Gather together with friends who had children around the same age. Make arrangements if possible to swap out between parents. Take turns so the children are cared for while the parents rotate through working. Find that friend who can afford to stay home and maybe pitch them a little monetary compensation to help out. It is important to remember though that this need for a caregiver is due to a financial hardship in many cases and that there is not a ton of money to spare. So work together to create a beneficial relationship to both parties and strengthen your bonds. 

#5 Preppers Are Not As Crazy As Everyone Thinks

In the past Preppers got a bad rap and were frequently thought as crazy.  Some preppers may be crazy nutcases that think the world is going to end. This opinion was brought on by shows like Doomsday Preppers. However, most are simply ordinary individuals who are preparing for things like power outages, natural disasters and food shortages.

Take a few minutes and see how even some simple preps can help you in the future. Prepping can be as simple as ensuring that you have a spare tire before beginning a trip. It can also be as detailed as solar generators and six months of food along with a full surgical kit. It all depends on your individual preferences. 


I feel that 2020 has demonstrated without a doubt what actions can occur on a very short notice and the importance of having basic preparations in place. Consider these events for yourself and what is going on around you even today. Are you prepared for what could come your way if you find yourself facing a major change in your routine?

Check out Why You Should Prep for additional ideas. 

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