Top 50 Gifts for the Outdoorsman, Survivalist or Prepper in Your Family

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Step Outside of the Norm

Finding the perfect gifts for someone is a difficult task we all face. This becomes even more so when that person may have different interests than you do. In order to help you with picking out the perfect gift I have compiled a list of 50 great gift ideas for those men or women in your life who may be into the outdoors, a survivalist or avid Prepper.

These lists do not contain any of the boring gift ideas such as ties and socks but are tailored more to those gifts that anyone interested in these activities would love to unwrap.

All 50 items are unique, affordable and can be purchased online avoiding the need to brave the crazy shopping that occurs during the holidays. For your convenience I have also divided the list into sections for each activity.

Disclaimer: In the interest of transparency, the majority of the links provided here are affiliate/sponsored and I may receive a small commission at no charge to you if you purchase an item through them. Click Here for more information. Despite that these items were selected on several criteria including reviews on other sites, usefulness, and my interest in them. I spent more than 30 hours reading reviews and comparisons in order to put this list together and price or amount of a potential commission did not play into the selections.

10 Great Fishing Gift Ideas

#1. YETI Loadout Fully-Loaded Bucket

yeti fishing cooler

Built with the same Yeti quality you have come to expect, the Fully Loaded bucket comes with a durable five gallon bucket, a utility belt for the exterior which is great for holding various pieces of tackle and gear, also included is a three compartment caddy for a final level of organization. The Yeti Fully Loaded bucket also includes a durable water tight lid. You can check out the price on Amazon.(Ad)

#2. Canvas Fishing Rod & Reel Organizer

fishing rod caddy bag

This durable rod holder can hold 5 rods and reels along with additional tackle and equipment on the inside. This extremely useful case will help to prevent tangled lines and snagged hooks while on the way to their favorite fishing site. With more than 1500 positive reviews on Amazon(Ad) it is sure to please.

#3. Bass Flies Assortment – 10 Piece

Selected with the Fly Fishing Bass Lover in mind this kit is comprised of a case along with 10 of RiverBum’s most popular bass flies. They are tied to an exacting standard on chemically treated ultra sharp Japanese hooks. You can find this unique set on The RiverBum Website.

#4. Gerber Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool

gerber tool

The Gerber Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool makes an awesome gift for any man, especially one who likes to fish. Some of the features include a set of pliers for crimping lead on the lines or removing fish hooks, a knife for cutting line and baits as well as additional tools that can perform small repair tasks on lines, tackleboxes and even boats. This particular model is a popular seller with more than 1900 ratings on Amazon.(Ad)

#5. Rhinoreto Fish fillet knife

filet kit

Obviously the serious fisherman is going to want to eat his catch. This fillet knife by Rhinoreto makes short work of the preparation task. Featuring a narrow and flexible blade it is perfect for cutting along the edge of the bone for those deboned fillets we all love. This particular model also includes a light weight sheath to protect the blade and guard against cuts. Also included is a handy quick sharpener to ensure the cleanest cuts each time. Make sure to check it out on Amazon.(Ad)

#6. The Ultimate Outdoor Fishing Chair

fishing chair

The Ultimate Outdoor Fishing Chair by Earth Products is a fisherman’s dream. Featuring special mud feet it remains stable on the shore. Two cup holders and a zippered pouch ensure that snacks and drinks can remain close at hand. To sum it all up the chair even includes a rod holder to free up your hands when partaking in those drinks or snacks. Finally the padded backrest is capable of adjusting to any one of four reclining positions for added comfort. There is a weight limit on this model of 250lbs so keep that in mind. You can check it out in more detail on Amazon.(Ad)

#7. Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner

bow fishing

The Cajun Bowfishing Shore Runner is an all in one bow fishing combo. This kit contains everything you need to get started. Featuring a 15 to 45 lb. adjustable draw weight at a draw length of 29 inches this can be used young adults or grown men. The kit also includes a Spin Doctor reel, pre-spooled with 150lb test line and a single fiberglass Piranha arrow. This is a great starter kit for someone who is interested in bow fishing and wants an all in one option. I do suggest picking up a second arrow just in case. You can check out more details on Amazon(Ad) or pick one up for a slightly lower price on Optics Planet.

#8. Collapsible Fishing Rod and Tackle Kit

Collapsable fishing rod with tackle kit

This collapsible kit is a great choice for that individual who likes to spontaneously stop on the way home or during a lunch break for a few quick casts. Featuring a full length rod that collapses down to fit in a 19 inch bag this is a space saver and great to leave in your car. It features an assortment of tackle and artificial bait along with plenty of room to add a few more of your favorite items. You can check out more details on Amazon.(Ad)

#9. ReelSonar Smart Fish Finder

portable fish finder

So any avid fisherman knows the benefits of having a fish finder on their boar. Well now that same technology is available in a portable package. Using the iBobber you can get these same readings while fishing from a dock, pier or even the shore due to the castable design. Compatible with both Iphones and Androids and able to provide accurate readings down to a depth of 135 feet this is one item that is almost certain to increase their catch rate. You can check out more details on Amazon(Ad) where it has received more than 2000 ratings.

#10. Dr. Meter Fishing Scale and Tape

fishing scale

Everyone has heard the fish tales told around the campfire of the ones that got away and the ones that were let go. Well with this awesome scale now you can have proof. Capable of handling fish up to 110lbs and 3 feet long he can now prove his catch. Or you can make him provide the proof. This has the added benefit of being able to confirm the lengths and weights to make sure your in compliance with the game wardens and avoiding unwanted trouble. You can check one out on Amazon.(Ad)

10 Perfect Gifts for Hunters

#11. Trail Hunting Camera

trail cam

Trail cams are a staple in a hunters arsenal when selecting the perfect location to place a stand or a blind. This model is sure to please with its super fast .2 second trigger time and 1080p HD resolution. With IP66 waterproofing this device is capable of withstanding most weather conditions with ease. This model operates on 8 double 8 batteries allowing quick battery swaps in the field. Additionally in standby mode the device can last up to 180 days on one set of batteries. Check it out and compare it to other models on Amazon.(Ad)

#12. Trail Camera Viewer SD Card Reader

trail cam viewer

This little device allows you to plug in a SD or Micro SF card and quickly view the contents on your smart phone. This is great in those instances where your trail cam doesn’t have a screen of its own and you want to check for any recent activities. This SD card reader could also come in handy for other devices that use SD cards. These include many tablets, computers and cameras among other things. You can pick one up from Amazon.(Ad)

#13. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava

camo balacalava

Since most hunting is done in the cooler months of October through early December this is an excellent gift idea. Featuring a mesh area over the mouth for easy breathability and a hinged design that allows wear in three different ways this is sure to provide a comfortable fit. You can check out more info including available colors on Amazon.(Ad)

#14. Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

gun cleaning kit

Most hunters know the importance of a clean weapon. This kit features it all, with brushes and other tools to clean nearly any caliber of pistol or rifle including black powder versions this is sure to meet your needs. Featuring more than 1000 positive ratings on Amazon(Ad) this item has proven its quality.

#15. Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

custom gun cleaning kit in large bullet

While not supporting quite as many calibers as the previously mentioned cleaning kit, this 50 piece kit stands out in the Style area. Featuring a large bullet shaped case this cleaning kit is not only functional but would make an excellent addition to a man cave or weapons room. You can find it on Amazon(Ad) as well as other online stores.

#16. Fenix HL55 Headlamp

headlamp flashlivght

Since most hunting trips begin before the sun is up, having ahead lamp is almost crucial. The Fenix HL55 features 5 adjustable outputs including an ultra bright 900 lumen, a snug fitting adjustable headband, and the ability to use either the included rechargeable battery or two CR122 batteries available at many local stores. It is available from and Amazon(Ad) among others.

#17. Shotgun Shell Hunting Thermos

Shotgun shell red and gold thermos

This is another of those items that really stands out for its style. This thermos features a food grade stainless steel construction capable of holding 25 ounces. Perfect for a cup of joe or some hot soup for the trip. The double insulated design means that most hot items can be kept hot for 12 hours. At the same time cold items will remain cold for up to 24 hours. You can find this and several other models on Amazon.(Ad)

#18. ALLRIER Night Vision Goggles

night vision

These night vision goggle pack quite a punch for the price. Capable of not only seeing in total darkness up to a distance of 300 meters, they are also capable of recording in 980p. With a battery life of more than 8 hours using the built in infrared illuminator these are perfect for scouting out a hunting site and seeing the wildlife patterns before you set up. They would also be ideal for scouting nocturnal predators such as owls and coyotes. Check them out on Amazon(Ad) for reviews and prices.

#19. Allen Remington Camo Hunting Daypack

hunting daypack and weapon carrier

The perfect gift for those hunters who prefer to hike to their favorite spot. This day pack features densely padded hip and shoulder straps, five zippered pockets, as well as a built in system for carrying your rifle. It can also be fit with a water hydration system add on if you choose to do so. Available from Amazon(Ad).

#20. STX Electric Meat Grinder

meat grinder whit with multiple blades great for jerky

Many hunters choose to process their meat themselves. If this is the case in your circumstances then this STX grinder would make an excellent gift. Featuring 4 different grinding plates, a sausage and Kubbe maker as well as a 3 in 1 burger slider maker you can put it to use in more than one way. Made from polished aluminum with food grade stainless steel cutting blades this item is sure to provide many years of service. With more than 2000 reviews this item has already proven its reliability on Amazon.(Ad)

10 Unique Camping Gifts

#21. SOG Folding Survival Shovel

folding shovel

Produced by the extremely popular SOG brand this camp shovel is perfect for cleaning out an area for a fire or burying the left over ashes to ensure you leave no trace. Additionally it is ideal for making a temporary latrine. Due to its compact size and light weight it is perfect for adding to a pack for hiking or simply storing along with the rest of your camping gear in an easy to access location. It can also serve as a way to dig a vehicle stuck in the snow out without taking up a ton of space in your vehicle. You can find this on and Amazon(Ad).

#22. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

rechargable lanterns

Probably one of the most popular items on the list. These compact lanterns feature more than 20,000 ratings on Amazon.(Ad) They are constructed from aircraft grade materials and touted as being able to survive a 10 foot fall as well as temporary submersion in water. Due to their LED design their battery life is listed as more than 90 hours. The pack contains two compact lanterns and a very reasonable price. These would make a great addition to camping gear, emergency weather kit or use on the boat.

#23. Unigear Double Camping Hammock

double hammock

The Unigear Double Hammock is Ideal for couples or larger individuals. This particular hammock is constructed from high strength 210 Nylon and features a breaking point of 1000lbs. The kit comes complete with two straps to secure it to trees as well as a small pack to package it in. You can use this as a sleep system when camping or just when lounging around the campsite it is up to you. It comes in at a price that wont break the bank and you can check it out for yourself where it is available in 11 colors.


trail cook set

The Trail 123 Cook set is ideal for 1 to 3 people. It features 4 pots and a 10,000 BTU stove. With its efficient design the stove is capable of boiling 1 liter of water in only 2 minutes and 40 seconds. These pots are made from ultralight anodized aluminum and feature a nesting modular design. Already extremely light you can reduce this down for ultralight camping by leaving one or more of the pots at home and only carrying the minimum you need. Check it out on Mons Peak.(Ad)

#25. Wenzel Zephyr Screen House

screen house tent

Anyone who has ever gone camping knows the nuisance that is mosquitos and other insects. This screen house is perfect for that, featuring ultrafine mesh it keeps out even the smallest pests. With a metal perimeter frame it is simple to set up over a picnic table and its large 13’x9′ size is more than capable of fitting every one and their chairs inside. Available at Campingmaxx.(Ad)

#26. Mission Belt Heritage CampAxe

camp axe
Camp Axe

The Mission Belt Heritage is a handy little camp axe. Its great for cutting up kindling or small work around a camping fire. In addition it is compact and light weight, while it is not meant for chopping down trees or splitting wood it is excellent for breaking pieces of dead wood or trimming small limbs for kindling. When it comes to durability the axe head and handle are a single piece with the wooden grips attached to the handle. This helps to ensure that there is little chance of breaking the handle or the head coming loose. You can check it out for yourself on Backwoods(Ad).

#27. Brightown Outdoor String Lights

string lights
Camping String Lights

If you frequently go camping where a power source is available, then these outdoor string lights are an excellent choice. Many people enjoy the ambiance created by these style lights and it gives a more pleasing appearance than having a larger single light. With more than 15,000 ratings and coming in at under $20 these are an excellent stocking stuffer or lower priced gift. Available on Amazon(Ad) today.

#28. Camping Table – Cooler, Food and More

camping table

This all in one folding camp table is great for those times your lounging around the fire and want a simple snack location. Featuring an insulated cooler, four cup holders and a food basket there is plenty of room for everyone. You can also use it while tail gating at the game or on back porch barbeques. Check it out for yourself on Amazon(Ad).

#29. Extendable Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Roast your marshmallow smores to perfection with these extendable roasting sticks.
Camp Smores Perfection

What camping trip would be complete without smores. They are almost as important for the experience as the experience itself. Gone are the days of using dirty sticks or pieces of clothes hanger to roast your marshmallows. With these extendable roasters you can roast smores, hotdogs and more to perfection over the fire. Their extendable design means their compact enough to easily pack, and their heat resistant bag means they can be put away quickly after use. Available on Amazon(Ad).

#30. Motorola T260TP Talkabout Radio, 3 Pack

walkie talkie radios

Communication is key, I know now days most people simply rely on their cell phones and it is easier than ever. However, some of the best camping takes place in locations so remote there is no hope of cell service. These Talkabout radios give you another option in these cases. Featuring weather updates and 22 channels along with a touted 25 mile range in open areas or across water. Another added bonus to these models is that they come in a set of three, perfect if someone is down by the lake fishing or out gathering firewood. The included rechargeable battery provides 10hrs of use or swap in three AA batteries for 29 hours. Check them out on Amazon(Ad) where they have over 3000 global ratings.

10 Items of Prepper Gear That Make Great Gifts

#31. Guardman 11 in 1

survival credit card

Prepping is all about being ready for what ever might come your way. The Guardman is all about that as well. Featuring 11 specialized tools it can assist you with a variety of tasks. These include things such as opening bottles, opening canned food, as a wrench for various sized nuts and bolts and flat screw driver among others. Due to its slim design it can easily fit into a wallet meaning that it will always be readily available. Check the Price on Amazon.(Ad)

#32. The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide

survival prepper guide

Releasing on October 20th and written by Renowned James Wesley Rawls you can be certain your recipient has not read this one yet. James Rawls is a former US Army Intelligence Officer and Founder of In addition he also as a survival retreat consultant. All of these put him in an ideal position to write about this topic. What’s more is he has written several fiction books to include “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse(Ad) on the topic. This knowledge plus previous writing means that this is sure to be not only an educational but also entertaining resource. Check out The Ultimate Preppers Survival Guide on Amazon.(Ad)

#33 Zavor DUO 10-piece Pressure Canner Set

canner set

This pressure canner set includes everything you need to get started canning with the exception of the jars themselves. A major plus to this set is that it can function as both a water bath canner and a pressure canner. Pressure canning is widely considered to be the only safe way to can low acidic foods. In addition the kit comes with a detailed cook book. Names Best Buy by the American Test Kitchen this is sure to be a pleasant surprise. It can be found on Amazon. (Ad)

#34. Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

solar radio

Prepping is all about being ready for what ever comes your way. It also relies heavily on making an item serve multiple purposes. Well this little gem of a radio does just that. Capable of FM Channels as well as the NOAA Weather Broadcasts it has two built in lights and is capable of providing a limited charge to USB items such as a cell phone. In addition to that it can operate on anyone of three power sources – solar, AAA batteries or the built in hand crank. This level of versatility is sure to fit into their needs. What’s more is it has more than 6000 ratings on Amazon(Ad) demonstrating its popularity.

#35. Open Seed Vault – Survival Garden 32 Pack

survival seeds

While seeds may seem like a strange gift at first, keep this in mind. Preppers love to plan for the future. This highly rated and unique selection from Open Seed Vault contains 32 different varieties of vegetables. They are individually packaged and stored in airtight packs for prolonged shelf life, estimated to be over 20 years these are sure to come in handy when needed. Also included is a planting guide which covers each type to help ensure success. Last this kit contains enough seeds to plant more than an acre of land. Check them out on Amazon(Ad) for a complete list of the included seeds.

Save $60 on an incinerator!

#36. Battery Organizer Case

battery organizer

Ever tried finding a specific type of battery around the house, or have a drawer full of unorganized batteries. Well here is the perfect solution. Capable of storing 93 various sizes of batteries and including a tester to check their voltages this case is perfect. It also includes screw holes to mount it and keep your batteries in a readily available and visible location if you choose to. It does not include batteries in this purchase but the very reasonable price reflects that. You can pick one up for yourself or as a gift for your prepper friends to inventory their stockpiles over on Amazon.(Ad)

#37. ECO WORTHY 200 Watts Solar RV Kit 

200 watt solar kit

While it will not run a standard house, this simple starter kit is excellent for lightweight off grid applications. You can also use it to recharge batteries on a boat or RV. One popular use is pairing it with a deep cycle battery and inverter so that you can charge battery powered power tools at a remote job site or cabin. The same technique can be applied for maintaining limited lighting at a remote camp site if you chose. Includes everything you need including a charge controller. Available on Amazon. (Ad)

#38. Alpicool C30 Portable Fridge 32 Quart

portable cooler fridge

One major concern of a prepper is always food storage. This little cooler/fridge can help to solve that to an extent. While most prepper foods are long term stable adding meat or fish into your diet requires some way of storing that. The simplest manner is with a freezer and this little device is perfect. It can be used as a cooler, refrigerator or freezer, capable of reaching -4 degrees without ice and using only 12 volts/45watts it would be simple to power this from a single solar panel system if necessary. Now you can bring affordable refrigeration to your boat, deer camp or off grid cabin with ease. Check it out on Amazon(Ad) for the full specs and reviews by other users.

#39. AquaPod Kit Water Storage Container


Water is even more crucial in an emergency than food is. Do you have enough water to get you if your primary water source was to become contaminated during a storm or attack. Enter the Aquapod Storage Container, capable of storing 65 gallons of water in a food grade plastic liner set in your bathtub. While not meant to be in place all of the time, it serves as an excellent back up plan should you know a severe storm is coming or feel there is a need to store an extra amount of water. It could also be filled from filtered rain water in a more long term scenario. Either way it is beneficial to have access to extra water. These are very reasonably priced on Amazon.(Ad) Check out our comparison of the Waterbob and Aquapod for more details.

#40. LifeShield® All-In-One Bug Out Bag

Survival Frog

Many preppers consider a Bug Out bag an absolute necessity. A bug out bag is intended to allow you to reach safety if something where to happen that forced you to leave your residence. This all in one solution allows you to purchase a ready made kit good for nearly every scenario. You can make small adjustments to the contents to tailor it to your specific needs, but it really is not necessary. This bag includes 6 sets of items, warmth, food and water, mess kit, light and communications, disaster survival and first aid kits are included. You can check it out on Survival Frog along with many other items.

10 Pieces of Survival Gear You Should Consider

#41. 14 in 1 Survival Kit

14 in 1 survival kit, compass, d rings, knife, firestarter, survival cord

This 14 in 1 kit has just about all of the basics covered. Included is a glass breaking pen, a knife, compass, fire striking rod, survival paracord bracelet, wire saw, emergency blanket and much more. This would be an excellent gift for a scout, bug out prepper or just to keep in the car for emergencies. Check it out on Amazon(AD) for a full list of the included items.

#42. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottles

life straw hydration bottle two pack, pink and blue

Yea, I know your thinking we already have a dozen water bottles why would anyone need more. These are produced by LifeStraw, one of the leading manufactures of water purification devices. Touted to remove 99.999% of water born bacteria and protozoa these can be used to safely filter stream, rain and other water sources so that you can drink it. Each filter is good for up to 4000 Liters. Coming in with nearly 6000 ratings on Amazon(Ad) these are another sure bet.

#43. Tactical Self-Defense Pen and Flashlight

self defense pen

This Tactical Self-Defense Pen (Amazon Sponsored Link for Convenience) is the perfect everyday carry item. Featuring a glass breaker, flashlight, ball point pen, and a bottle opener the lucky recipient of this gift is sure to find a use for it. Perfect for military personnel or first responders in addition to the general public. This is available through Veteran Owned TF Takeflight and sold in their Amazon Store.(AD)

#44. PYRO Putty Survival Fire Starter

chemical fire starting putty

When discussing survival one of the first topics to come up is usually the need to produce fire. One thing that also comes up is the difficulty in some conditions to get a fire started burning well. That is where fire starters come into play, and while there are many that can be used effectively this one adds a bit of flare to the mix. It comes in several colors that have specific uses. My preferred one being the blue winter which burns in 20 to 90 degree weather and is water proof and wind resistant. Having a long shelf life and long burning time with a single quarter sized amount burning up to 15 minutes, these are excellent additions to camping and survival kits. Check them out on Amazon. (Ad)

#45. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Lifestraw survival filter

In a survival situation water is even more important than food. Until recent years it was necessary to boil or treat water with chemicals to ensure that it was safe to drink. However, water filters have changed this. In the camping, hiking and survival circles Lifestraw is an extremely popular choice. Capable of removing 99.999% of contaminants and able to treat 1000 gallons this individual straw comes in at a more budget friendly price than the previously mentioned water bottles using the same technology. Available on Amazon (Ad) with more than 35000 reviews and many other stores including Survival Frog this is sure to be a well received and dependable gift.

Tactical Gear

#46. USB Rechargeable AA Batteries – Lithium

usb rechargable batteries

Powering certain electronics becomes difficult in a survival situation or in the event of a natural disaster. One way to ensure that you always have charged batteries on hand is these very useful rechargeable batteries. These are designed with internal circuitry to put out exactly 1.5 volts unlike normal rechargeable batteries that have voltages around 1.2 volts. Pair a set of these with a solar charger and you have a nearly endless supply of batteries since they can be charged in excess of 1000 times. This model plugs directly into a USB port and is available on Amazon(Ad). Survival Frog offers a similar model that you can opt to ship with a four port USB charging block.

#47. SurvivorCord – Survival Paracord

survival paracord

This is not your everyday 550 cord. With a load strength of 620lbs, this improved SurvivorCord includes the original strands of 550 cord and a 25lb test monofilament fishing line along with a paraffin coated jute fiber perfect for use as a Firestarter and lastly a 30awg metallic wire. This wire is ideal for fashioning snares, trip wires and make shift antennas with. Coming in 19 colors you can select either one that will stand out or one that you could make the popular paracord bracelets from. The creative can always find a use for paracord and this 100ft length is sure to be a popular addition to their gear. Check it out on Amazon(Ad) for more details and to see the color selection.

#48. Fire B.O.S.S. Off Grid Survival Fire Kit

fire starting kit

We have discussed the necessity of fire several times and this ultimate fire starting kit has it all. To begin with there are four separate ways to ignite a fire with this kit including a lighter, waterproof matches, ferro rod striker, and a Fresnel magnifying lens. After that comes numerous items to help keep the fire burning. There is also a wire saw and small survival knife included. They come in a resealable waterproof plastic bag, though they could have included a more sturdy container. Other than that this is an awesome kit and received nearly a perfect rating on Amazon(Ad).

#49. QiSa Solar Power Bank 30000mAh

portable battery pack

Lets face the facts, the quickest and best chance of rescue in a survival situation is being able to contact emergency services via phone. But all to often you find that your battery has drained and your cell is inoperable. Perhaps you have been using USB rechargeable batteries to power your lights and their drained now or perhaps you just find yourself sitting in the airport and want to charge your phone or tablet. All of these can be solved with this portable power bank. Not much larger than a cell phone it features a 30000mAh battery, (nearly 6 times that of the newest Iphone or Android). It can be charged via USB C, Micro USB or even solar power and can provide power to other devices through QI technology, USB C or standard USB ports. Being an extremely popular item on Amazon(Ad) you can check out even more customer reviews there.

#50. Garmin GPSMAP 64S Worldwide

Garmin GPSMap 64s Survivalist Gifts

While the age of the add on GPS for your car may be over with the newer cars having built in GPS and the popularity of smartphones, the hand held GPS Receivers have not been relegated to the dark ages. Cell phones have far shorter battery life and most often rely on cell towers for their coordinates. A Hand held GPS relies on satellites positioned far above the earth for their positioning making them far more reliable in remote locations. This particular Garmin features worldwide maps, two power source options, included battery or AA battery and access to not only GPS but GLONASS as well which is a secondary global satellite system. Using both technologies ensures coverage in nearly every terrain and location on earth. Commonly used for geocaching this is ideal for those survivalist who head to far off remote locations or store caches of food and gear in remote locations. It would also be ideal for long distance hikers such as those choosing to travel the Appalachian Trail or remote locations in the Rocky Mountains. Check it out on Amazon(Ad) actual buyer reviews.

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