Coronavirus Precautions – Protect yourself from Covid 19

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What is Covid 19 – Coronavirus

In order to determine appropriate coronavirus precautions we must first understand what Covid 19 is. Covid 19 is the name given to the latest strain of the novel coronavirus. A Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that span from the common cold to much more serious ones such as Bird Flu, MERs and SARs.

Covid 19 is a new strain coronavirus. It first noticed in 2019 hence the 19 attached to its name. At this time it is still uncertain at the time of this article exactly what the origination of Covid 19 was. It has been determined that the epicenter, where it started, is Wuhan, Hubei province in China. What is not certain though is what the source was.

Coronavirus in the wild

There are several Coronavirus strains in the world and they are considered to be zoonotic. This means they can be transmitted from animals to humans and back. In this particular case, it is believed that the virus originated in bats. This is due to the fact that a 96% match for the virus was found in a bat captured in Yunnan Province.

It is believed that this virus was transmitted possibly through an intermediary animal. This is similar to the case of the SARs virus in 2002. In that instance it was determined that civets were the intermediary. (A civet is a small fox like animal.) Scientists hope that by identifying the cause they will be able to come up with a treatment and a solution to prevent a re-occurrence.

Why is Coronavirus a Concern

Many people are comparing the Coronavirus to influenza and it is important to note that the two viruses are different. The influenza strains originated in humans and as such developed in a manner to encourage their spread without killing the host. This causes the influenza virus to spread quicker and show signs of its present much sooner frequently in less than three days, while influenza does kill thousands each year its mortality rate is only around .01%.

Coronaviruses tend to have some difficulty in spreading as rapidly in humans. This due to the fact that they developed originally in animals. Where things get complicated though is they have different effects on humans than they do on their animal hosts. In the case of the Covid 19 it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to present. The mortality rate is estimated to be somewhere between 1% and 5% with the elderly or those with immune issues being at a greater risk. Due to the long incubation period, it is possible for numerous people to be exposed before anyone realizes they are sick.

Coronavirus Precautions that you should take.

Just like many viruses, the Covid 19 virus is spread through direct contact and airborne to an extent. Covid 19 also tends to be very resilient. It is estimated that the virus can survive on hard surfaces without a host for up to a week.

Your best options at this time are to minimize contact with other humans. Especially those who may have come in contact with an infected person. Make sure you wash your hands with soap frequently. Wear gloves if they are available and you are in public. Also make sure to wear at least long pants and a lightweight jacket. This will allow you cover as much exposed skin as possible. Avoid touching your face or any cuts and wearing a face mask if you have to go out in public.

The airborne portion of the virus is normally carried in tiny droplets of water. These are normally exhaled during breathing or during a sneeze. Due to their small size they can remain in the air for several minutes given certain circumstances.

The effects of Covid 19 on the public.

Due to the nature of the virus, it has caused widespread panic in most of the world. This despite attempts to contain the virus. The spread is attributed to the amount of world travel from both cruise ships and airlines.

At this time it is believed that it is present in nearly every country. Many governments both local and national have begun taking quarantine efforts in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus. At the same time, scientists attempt to find a treatment.

Quarantine steps include things such as closing schools and other large gatherings of people and cutting non-essential personnel from the workforce temporarily. This has left many people concerned with how to care for their families. and how long they may be out of work increasing the level of panic in many ways.

Ray of hope – Due to Coronavirus Precautions?

It has been noted that the number of active cases in China appears to be slowing down with only 40 new cases being reported on March 11. Johns Hopkins University also reports that as of March 11th they had received reports of 119,000 cases and had confirmed nearly 66,000 recoveries from the virus.

It is unclear how much these numbers were affected by the precautionary steps being taken. One thing is certain though slowing the virus allows health care professionals more time to treat those who are infected.

How does this information relate to Preppers

Many Preppers prepare for whatever life may throw their way. Most have stockpiles, even if small, of medical supplies, food to last a significant amount of time and other necessities.

In an instance like this where the health experts are saying that you should self-quarantine or isolate yourself to avoid exposure those who have prepared are able to do just that.

They have sufficient quantities of food, water and other supplies to remain home and not need to venture out into the public. They are also able to avoid the panic shopping that has occurred recently.

I know in some of the local stores near my location there have been several incidents of fighting over the last few of a particular item left on the shelves.


You never know what you might be preparing for so just make sure you are a true Prepper and are ready for anything. The other key point in this is most incidents to be more localized in nature such as a natural disaster but this has affected a large portion of the world, so you never know what could come about tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing your comments and will attempt to answer any questions that I can.

Prepare yourself for Quarantine.

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