Coronavirus Preparations – Prepare for self quarantine

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The situation and why Coronavirus Preparations are important

Coronavirus preparations are obviously needed at this time and it may even be a bit late. Given the situation across the country and world it only seems as that this incident is going to get worse before it gets better. As of 3-19-2020 the Atlanta city mayor has closed all bars, private clubs, nightclubs, fitness centers, gyms, movie theaters, arcades and bowling alleys along with all inside dining areas. This indicates that is likely other businesses will start to follow suit as well.

Due to that along with many local businesses in the area being nearly out of items, I suggest that you make any stocking preparations that you can right now. The initial rumors were that we would all be shut inside for two weeks or so, however it is seeming more likely that we face far longer.

If you don’t think this is likely just look at Italy. You have nearly complete quarantine with all businesses except pharmacies and grocery stores closed and even those have strict limits who can be inside. Then comes the issue of how long will the items in these last if the factories and transportation centers that supply them close.

Three more states join California in telling workers to stay home

I feel that we only have a few days left before your ability to stock anything else up is over or drastically reduced. Lets not forget the public reactions and the amount of stress that is going to build up. The quicker that you can get your stuff and get safe is going to be in your best interest.

As such I have gathered a few guides together for you in order to fight the boredom, hunger and stress that may be caused right now and in the near future. So prepare to get started with your Coronavirus Preparations and dive in.

Coronavirus Preparations – Necessities

As with any survival situation your first focus should be on the bare necessities. Though this list is larger than some people realize. For instance not only do you need food and water, but you also need cleaning supplies for sanitation reasons.

The ever present need for toilet paper and the Coronavirus seems to have that in short supply. Not only do you need to think of your self but for your pets, they will need food, water, etc as well. I see a potential increase in home burglaries and thefts so you need to make sure you can secure your home either via increased locks or a weapon.


Shelf stable Items as you cannot rely on the power and other utilities remaining on if it continues to get worse. Examples include – dry beans, flour, corn meal, instant grits, oatmeal, canned foods especially soups, vegetables and fruits, pasta, pasta sauces, crackers, canned milk, rice, protein bars, nuts, cereals, vegetable oil, some long life comfort foods such as candies and chips – avoid large amounts of frozen foods or stuff that requires a refrigerator unless you have power generation capabilities, you can buy normal amounts of these items just do not stockpile a large amount.


Water obviously and cases of it – you will want at least 2 bottles of water per person per day you are anticipating. Again I hope this doesn’t happen but if the public water system goes down there is not enough places to obtain safe drinking water in the larger metropolitan areas.

So I would plan on at least two months worth of water. You may even want to snag some kind of water purification as well such as AquarMira Water Treatment.

You can also use regular non scented Clorox bleach to purify water. The suggested ratio is 8 drops of bleach per gallon, wait fifteen minutes and see if you smell slight odor of bleach if not add 8 more drops. Check this link from the Washington Department of Health here for reference. I would also consider getting a few boxes of tea and soda if you drink them, not for all the time use, but for a every now an then treat.

Cleaning supplies

Trash bags, Clorox (several bottles) vinegar – likely still on shelves but is a very powerful cleaner, hand soaps, bar soaps, laundry soaps, antibacterial sprays and soaps,shower gels/soaps, female hygiene products, dental items – toothbrush paste etc, sponges (a fair amount can be used to filter water later as well) Toilet Paper if there is any left, paper towels, cheap washcloths (dozens of them, they can be used for cleaning and in a pinch as reusable toilet paper down the road) several large 5 gallon buckets, possible some large 30 gallon trash cans that are capable of holding water.

Pet Supplies

Food, grooming supplies if you normally take them to get nails hair etc done, shampoos, materials to clean up after them, toys,

Household Needs

Extra under clothing such as t shirts, underwear, bras, socks – if it reaches the point that water and power are disconnected then you can wear outer clothes several days between washes and stretch them out, but your going to need to change undergarments – (Laundry is the reason for the large 30 gallon trash cans) broom and mop as keeping the living space clean is going to be critical to avoid sickness – remember going to the doctor means exposure. Also grab extra towels and swap them out on a daily basis.

Also make sure you have a manual can opener who knows if the power will stay on. Propane tanks if you have a way to use them such as a barbq grill, I suggest a grill that also includes a normal style burner on the side wing. Lighters, matches and other fire starting items, storage bags, aluminum foil, spare light sources such as electric lanterns gas powered lanterns, I suggest if you go with battery powered you get a means to charge the batteries via solar. Candles, sewing kit,

First aid / Medical

At least three months of critical medications plus several packs of bandages, Tylenol, pep-to, Imodium, aspirin, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, butterfly stitch band aids for serious cuts, several ace bandages.

Security / Home Defense

A firearm of some sort, most people prefer a shotgun for home defense, however anything can work if deployed correctly. You may also want to pick up some body armor if your going to be forced to go out. I recommend a concealable vest that can be covered by a baggy shirt so you draw less attention. If for whatever reason you are against guns or cant have/don’t have one then you need to consider other options. First don’t tell anyone as that is more likely to make you a target.

You can head down to home depot or other hardware store and order larger strike plates with three inch screws, such as this 1. You may also want the sliding bolt style latches, I would put one on the latch side and hinge side of the door. Remember to replace the screws in the hinges as well, most doors only have 1 to 1.5 inch screws in the doors you will want at least three inches to make sure you hit the 2×4 buried in the wall. If the door has a glass panel your going to want to opt for double keyed deadbolts instead such as these.

Start with the back and side doors first then the front door. The main reason to start in this order is that front doors frequently contain glass while many side and rear doors tend to be solid, additionally most burglars are going to hit the doors that are not seen from the streets.

Coronavirus Preparations – Niceties

Obviously it is likely that we may have to hole up in our residences, bug out bunkers etc for an extended duration. If you can head out to a rural area then I think that would be your best bet, however, for many of us that is not an option. You are going to get bored and be tempted to come out. Don’t do it, set yourself up for success early on.

Make sure you have things to occupy your time, first assume the power/cable etc stays on so you can watch TV, play video games etc. Then consider a power failure which removes these options. You will want paper books, art supplies, hand knitting, hand woodwork supplies, playing cards, board games etc.

A few extra car chargers may be advised as well to keep your cell phones and portable tablets charged. If you can find 1 a small solar charger that can charge USB devices. Then I would definitely pick one up. At this time UPS and Amazon to an extent are still delivering so you may be able to order some from online, just make sure to handle the package with care and sanitize it before bringing it in.

Coronavirus preparations – end goal

The primary goal in your Coronavirus preparations should be that you are able to minimize your exposure to others who may be infected. It seems that many people thought this was simply a hoax of the media blowing it out of proportion. But now that they are seeing that the threat is real supplies are going to dry up faster and there will be more agitation.

Remember that obtaining the supplies you need is not selfish, it will enable you to carry out the suggested social distancing which will help reduce the spread of this virus. This will make it safer for everyone. On that note and stockpiling, don’t be greedy, figure out what you think your family will need and stock up on those items, don’t hoard everything you can just because its on the shelf when you get there.

The next thing is to consider where to get your supplies, think of stores that might be less popular such as dollar stores and discount stores. Everyone will most likely hit the major stores but its possible these smaller stores still have stuff available.

Normally I don’t harp on always carrying a weapon, but if you have a permit now is probably the time to start, just remember its to protect yourself not become an aggressor yourself.

Remain safe and make sure your in a position to care for your family. Make sure and sanitize every time you return to your residence, take off your clothes, shower and put new clothes on, its believed that the Coronavirus can survive without a host on an inanimate surface for up to a week. Also make sure you wash your hands every time you pass a sink just for good measure if there is soap available.

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