The Best EDC items – EDC Clubs in 2021

Shipping packages, representative of edc club boxes

EDC stands for every day carry. These are those items that you carry and use every day in almost any situation. They frequently include things such as key rings to sort your keys, small flashlights and pocket knives along with any other small tool that you may use on a regular basis. They can also include those emergency items that you may not have on your person but that you always keep with in arms reach or in your vehicle when out and about. So you can see that EDC items play an important part in your life. That is why I have come up with a list of the best EDC items and EDC clubs in 2020.

EDC Clubs are a newer concept, essentially you are purchasing a mystery box of items. The advantage is that in most cases they guarantee the value of the box will exceed the cost of the box. I have included a video below with an example unboxing of the GoingGear EDC Club.

Going Gear EDC Club

The first one that we are going to discuss comes from my friends over at and their new EDC Club. The Going Gear EDC Club sends out a package each month with a variety of items in it. There is no contracts and you can cancel at any time. They promise that each package will contain at a minimum of two items and that the package will always be worth more than the price of the club if the items were purchased separately. You can check out some videos of possible contents here.

BattleBox EDC packages and other Gear

Battlebox is one of the originals in the EDC clubs. They offer four separate tiers for their monthly packages. They also sell items directly and feature a lot of quality items.

One of their more recent packages is the Preppers Starter Kit. Normally valued at $224 if the items are purchased separately it is currently on sale for $99

Overall the reviews I have seen of their kit seem very positive and you can check out one of them here.

Blue 72 – 3 Day Emergency Kit

This is a new entry into the arena, and while not an EDC in the normal sense, it would make a great bag to store in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Would work well for boats as well, or even to toss in a locker at work as a get home option.

They only offer the Blue 72 though it includes things such as water, food, first aid and survival blanket among others.

The Viper Tech Knife of the Month

This one is for all of you knife lovers. For one monthly fee they will send you a knew knife each month with a value greater than the club package. Largely positive reviews and you can check out the deal for your self here.

Other Options

Some other options for EDC clubs include Barrel & Blade, Nomadik, Alpha Outpost, Apocabox, clubtac and some others.

I did not see very much positive information on any of these with the best of them being Clubtac, though I was not impressed with what I saw in the un-boxing videos.

In Conclusion – EDC Clubs in 2021

Thanks for checking out this article on EDC Clubs in 2020. There are lots of other options out there, though I only saw a few that I would consider giving my money to. I hope this list helps you make a decision or brings some options to light. I plan on looking around for a few more options over the next few days and will update the list if I see some other options that seem viable.

In the mean time check out our Top 10 tech Ideas for Survival and sign up for our news letter. You could also check out why I feel you should become a prepper.

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