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Prepper Back Up Plans – For those times your first plan is compromised

True Preppers are always ready for a what ever may come. Though one area that maybe they have not considered is what will happen should your first plan fail. For instance zombies (looters) come and take all of your supplies in the first week. I know your armed to the teeth but what if it happened while you are out on a supply run. Or another example, you have prepped for a hurricane and have several weeks of supplies stored at your home. However, tornadoes spawned by the hurricane cause a near by power plant to catch fire and the ensuing flames take out your residence. Prepper Back Up Plans are a solution to this.

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A back up, insurance against the unknown

Scenario’s such as those are why it is important that you have a back up plan even if it is not quite as elaborate as your main plan. For instance you could store a get home bag at work. In addition to that have a bug out bag there as well. This way you could get home if needed or survive for several weeks if unable to access your other supplies.

Other options include adding additional supplies to each of your vehicles. You could prepare a secondary site at another location or even work out a plan with a friend to split your stashes at each others sites. That way you could fall back to one another’s location as needed.

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Prepper Back up Plans – should also include redundancies at your main location.

If you have stockpiled all of this food that requires cooking to prepare and all you have stored is 500 gallons of propane. What will you use to cook if something happens to your propane. Thefts, leaks or even accidental spills could all cause the loss of this precious resource. Make sure you consider alternative means. Perhaps stockpiling some firewood and obtaining either materials to build an outdoor cook stove, or an actual wood fired stove.

If your planning to use wood as a primary heat source, then try and locate one of the wood heaters that can double as a cook stove. This will help provide a back up alternative. You can find these for reasonable prices for an entry level one or go quite extravagant with some of the more impressive models.

A Simple Option For Prepper Back Up Plans

The simplest option for a backup plan is still having multiple bug out bags at strategic locations. These could include friends houses, work places family members or even cache’s in remote areas if that is an option for you.

Now suppose that you are a suburban prepper and don’t have the option to bug out to the country side. One option would be to rent a storage space or two. While not the perfect choice these would allow you to split your supplies between several locations and minimize your losses in a particular event at any one location. I feel like storage buildings would be at a slightly lower risk of being looted due to the fact that most people use them to store the stuff the consider unimportant but are still attached to sentimentally. Most people would not consider trying to raid a storage complex for food etc.

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This route would also potentially free up some space in your residence by removing some of those unneeded items in addition to concealing a portion of your stockpiles.

Finalize Your Prepper Backup Plan Now

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I hope you realize the necessity of having a back up plan if you don’t already and take steps to implement even a basic one. Thanks for visiting us and please check out some other articles. Also leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.

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