Survival Forums for 2021

Survival Forums You Should Consider Following into 2022

In today’s uncertain times it is difficult to know what is going to happen. The combination of a pandemic outbreak, mass rioting and shortages of certain goods brought on by these events have left many people concerned about the future. 

Many who had not considered prepping before are now diving whole heartedly into it. Until recently though prepping was not mainstream. Therefore it can be hard to sort through what is valid information and what is just media hype. 

For a new prepper the amount of considerations they need to take into account can be mind blowing. This is why they often seek some guidance from other more experienced preppers. In order to better help these new preppers and those experienced in survival skills such as prepping, bushcraft and homesteading I have put together a list of 10 Survival Forums that you should consider joining.

This list will include survival forums, prepper forums and anything else to let your inner survivalist out. 

Survival and Prepper Related Forums

Survivalist and Prepper Forum that states “We aim to be the Internet’s largest site dedicated to Survival Gear, Food Storage, Survival Food, Survival Kits and more. Our material covers subjects for all manner of members, from Doomsday Preppers and Survivalists to Campers.”

Overall the site appears to be active, covers a variety of topics and has a fair number of members. At the time of this post I counted at least 15 posts that had been updated within last 24 hours.


This Forum States that they are the “Number One Prepper Site.”

A quick glance around the forum shows that while it does appear to be a slightly dated design it is well organized and has quite a few active members in various locations around the world. You are likely to find at least some information on this doomsday forum.

From their main page “

The Fastest Growing Survivalist Community

Forum concerning self-sufficiency, disaster and emergency preparedness, primitive skills, and urban survival.

Registration is free and you can join the conversations within minutes!

For signing up you will receive a free 280-page army survival manual sent to your email.

This is one of the more active sites that I encountered in my search. I actually participate in discussions on this site on a regular basis. It has more of a community feel to me than some of the other purely informational prepper forums.

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