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The Best Survival Manuals for Preppers

One thing that is almost more important if not more than their gear for Preppers is knowledge. If you possess the right knowledge, you can overcome any obstacle. That is why I have come up with list of the survival manuals that Preppers Need. This list will contain a list of books or book sets that can be had at a reasonable price. I will also attempt to cover a range of subjects related to prepping so that you have access to a variety of information.

Many of these books can be found on Kindle Unlimited as well. Digital texts is the primary reason that I recommended an e-Reader in this article as part of the essential tech for Preppers.

#1 Survival Manuals for Preppers that you need

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Many may think food or shelter would be at the top of the list. However, we all eat every day and we have some idea on what a house or shelter should look like. Given that I think one of the first things that will collapse is the health care system I put this book at the top of my list.

The Survival Medicine Handbook

Written by Joseph and Amy Alton this book takes the unique stance in first aid that you are on your own. Many first aid resources give you basics in order to stabilize someone until you can get help, however in a SHTF situation it is likely that is not coming.

This text includes topics such as fractures, nosebleed, chest pain, and nearly 100 other health conditions. The information is presented in a manner so that even someone with no training can understand and should be able to handle many of the issues that arise. After consulting numerous sources this is probably the best first aid related book that I have found.

#2 Survival Manuals for Preppers that you need

Just In Case – How to be Self-Sufficient When The Unexpected Happens

This is an older book, however it is great for beginners. It covers basic topics such as how to inventory and rotate food supplies, pack an evacuation kit and maintain communications among other topics.

Some of the information in this is a little outdated but other parts are still spot on. It is worth a read if you have the time.

#3 Survival Manuals for Preppers that you need

Prepper’s Long Term Survival Guide

Most manuals cover the steps needed to survive a short term disaster such as Earth Quakes, Hurricanes or other natural disaster, and help you survive until services are restored. While these preparations are important, they will not fully prepare you for a major incident, such as a pandemic.

This book contains step-by-step survivalist guides filled with techniques, strategies, and DIY projects to enable you to survive for weeks, months or even years. It includes information on water storage, hunting, farming, foraging and first aid. Along with other skills such as fortifying and defending your home as well as establishing a new society once things begin to settle. This text is very popular and receives plenty of positive reviews.

#4 Survival Manuals for Preppers that you need

Prepping: An Essential Survival Guide

This is a new book just published I believe on 3-22-2020. I have only briefly glanced at it so far. While it could use some editorial work the concepts presented are accurate. More importantly is it contains current information that is applicable to the times we are living in.

This title is is available on Kindle Unlimited. (I will update if that changes.)

#5 Survival Manual for Preppers that you need

Going Off the Grid

This book contains information on going off the grid. For those of you not familiar that is the process of becoming completely self sufficient even for things such as your power and water needs.

Written by Fitness and Military Expert Gary Collins it contains step by step information covering topics such as home construction, energy access and other topics to get you completely free from relying on society.

#6 Survival Manual for Preppers that you need

52 Prepper Projects – A project a week

This book is a bit different than some of the others. It is broken down into 52 projects that you can do to improve your survival skills. It is not so much about your stockpiles as learning tasks.

Browsing through the chapters some are likely things you would not be interested in and some others are. But due to its unique take on the information it is worth a browse. You can get a short preview of it through the shop now link from Amazon and decide for yourself if your interested.

#7 Survival Manual for Preppers that you need

“How to Eat In The Woods”

This detailed book written by Bradford Angier includes tips on hunting, foraging and fishing as well as techniques to find bait, clean what you catch and even methods on how to cook it.

This is a definite hit for that survivalist in you.

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#8 Survival Manual for Preppers that you need

Natural Farming and Sustainable Living

This text focuses on growing food and features such techniques as no till farming and raising livestock. There are also sections on home design and cooking. This is a great informative read and contains over 300 pages of information.

Once again this one is available for free from the internet archives. So go ahead and download it and enjoy the free material. (The link is for the Internet Archives, not a direct download from me.)

#9 Survival Manual for Preppers that you need

This set is intended for the serious Prepper who feels that a bunker is needed, but wants to be able to do it himself. The plans are designed with the everyday DIY in mind and you do not need expert skills to accomplish it.

#10 Survival Manual for Preppers that you need

Digital Download Set

4 Book Set – Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

This 4 book set is available immediately via digital download. There is tons of information provided here and sure to keep you occupied while you peruse the data.

With the rise in popularity of shipping container homes and some of the potential issues that could arise, make sure you have done your research and here is the perfect place to start.

In conclusion

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I hope you found this list of survival manuals for preppers useful and that you can find something to pass the time with and improve your skills. With the current situation I find myself having plenty of time to read and I figured passing some of these ideas on would help others.

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