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Arched Cabins – Budget Cabin for Less than $10K

Why You Should Consider Arched Cabins

So you just finished purchasing your land and are well on the way to building your own shop, homestead or off-grid home. You need a budget option to get your residence up and you’re on a time crunch to do so. There are several options you have. These can be a brand new build completed by yourself, a contracted home or some version of a cabin or tiny home. All of these are valid choices, but I am going to present you with a new option. I recently discovered this company that makes Arched Cabins

Disclaimer: First this post is not endorsed or paid by Arched Cabins, I have no affiliate link to this company. Second I have not personally bought from them before, but have recently begun searching for an affordable option as I intend to buy some property in Florida about an hour or so from the beach so I want something I can put up there to use as a vacation home. Everything I have seen so far about these arched cabins and their manufacturer Arched Cabins seems positive.

Who They Are

Arched Cabins is a successful business with a manufacturing operation based outside of Houston, Texas in the Cypress area. The company is owned by Josh and David Cruey and can be reached at Arched Cabins creator David Cruey has worked on numerous projects, always with the goal of designing a durable, efficient, attractive, cost effective, and easy-to-build structure. This structure needed to be able to be used for multiple purposes.

Prefabricated Homes and Tiny Homes

In recent years the popularity of tiny homes has soared. Most often these are built from scratch or prefabricated at an assembly yard. While these prefabricated designs are sometimes more convenient they can become very costly. Compared to those that you find in Home Depot, Lowes or the storage building place down the street these are much more affordable. These prefabricated Arched Cabins are also gorgeous and would look great on your property.

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The Arched Cabins created by this company are structurally sound. Per 2015 international building code they are rated for 150 mph wind speeds and a snow load of 30 pounds per square foot. As of this time they only sell them as a DIY package and you will have to handle the install your self.

The basic kit comes with plates for the floors, metal ribbing, ridge beam, R13 Insulation, Super Span Roof Paneling and the needed trim/fasteners. There is an option to add a fireplace adapter, colored roof panels and R25 Insulation. The structures are also constructed from galvanized steel and come with a 40 year warranty.  

Arched Cabins Heating system

The company also estimates that in most cases it will take two people roughly three days to assemble the Arched Cabins. This makes them Ideal when you need a structure up in a relatively short amount of time.

Due to their design the front and rear facade materials can be changed out which makes them great for using as a storage building, tiny home, hunting lodge or just about any other purpose where the size is appropriate for your needs. 

Available Sizes and Costs of Arched Cabins

Currently the Cabins are offered in the following sizes and their website lists the attached prices as of 2020.


According to the fine print on the Arched Cabins website “Arched Cabin kits include a build manual, floor plates, ribs, ridge beam, standard R13 insulation for the arched walls, galvalume color metal roof paneling, rubber trim and foam inserts to use by the end caps, and color coordinated fasteners needed to assemble the cabin.”

Based on that I along with the estimated quotes they show receipts of I do not think that these kits contain the materials for the front and back. This obviously changes the costs and may make you want to consider something else. One example that I found was this 20x30x12 traditional metal building starting at $6299. (I have not had experience with this company either it is simply listed as an alternative for your convenience.) Perhaps you want to build your own tiny house from scratch and would be interested in the plans located here.

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Though I do think I favor the look of these arched cabins over a traditional square metal shop style building, especially if I am intending on using it as a residence.


I hope that you enjoyed this quick review. While your here make sure to check out my other articles on Berm Homes or The Best States to Live in as a Prepper.

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