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7 Tips to Keep Your Homestead Cool in Summer Without AC

When you live on a homestead or are trying to keep costs low, running an air-conditioner all summer long may not be an option. This is why I decided to put together this list of 7 tips that you can use to keep your home cool without the use of an air-conditioner. At the end I have also included links to several unusual items you can use to stay cool while sleeping if you want.

7 Tips to Keep Your Homestead Cool in Summer Without AC

Reduce the light coming in the windows

It is nearly always cooler in shaded areas and the same applies with your home. If you take the time to use heavy drapes and blinds to cover the windows then you can lower the home’s temperature. Consider black out curtains for those windows that receive direct sunlight. Keep in mind though that you can often open the windows for added breeze so consider that before blocking the windows completely. 

Avoid opening doors early in the day if possible

Overnight your home temperatures will naturally lower due to the decreased outside temperature. If you avoid opening the doors excessively as the day begins to warm up often you can maintain these cooler temperatures longer in the morning. 

Use Landscaping to Provide Shade

One option if you have yet to build your home or are considering removal of trees is how much shade can they provide. In the summertime these big trees provide lots of shade, helping to keep your home cool. This can greatly reduce the temperatures of your home and the area just outside. Evergreen trees may not be your best choice if you are planting trees. This is due to their foliage in the wintertime could continue to block that sunlight. You could otherwise use this blocked sunlight for extra heat. 

Use the Cooler Night Time Temperatures

As was already mentioned, temperatures are often cooler at night. Use this to your advantage and open up doors and windows to let that cooler air flow in. Depending on your location in the world day and night temperatures could vary as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cut Back on Cooking Inside

Obviously if you are trying to keep your home cool it does not help to light a cooking fire, either gas, wood or electric inside of that area. Try to select foods that require less cooking in the summer. Fresh fruits, salads etc. You can also move a large portion of your cooking outside if that is appropriate. Entire meals can be cooked on grills with the proper techniques.

Fans and more Fans

I am not saying that you should have twenty fans, but strategic use of them can make a huge difference. The most obvious use is ceiling and window fans. Both of these can cool a room significantly. Early in the morning at at night have window fans blowing into the house. As the day warms up consider switching to blow outwards.

Ceiling fans should be set to force air downwards in the summer so that you can feel the breeze.

The last area to consider a fan you may not realize is an exhaust fan in the attic area. Temperatures in an attic can reach more than 150 degrees in the summer despite outside temperatures being around 95 degrees. An exhaust fan will eliminate a portion of this heat and reduce its effects on the interior of your home.

Use Damp Cloth and Curtains

You may have heard of a swamp cooler or egyptian air conditioning before. Both rely on air flowing across a wet material. You can achieve this same effect by getting a curtain or sheet damp and then placing it in front of a fan or window with air flow. You want to make sure it is not dripping wet, only damp. This will give your breeze a delightfully cool feel.

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Unusual Items that Cool While You Sleep

Sleeping tends to be the time when the heat bothers me the most. I spent some time looking at ways to solve this problem.

One option is to replace your normal pillow with one that contains buckwheat hulls. These little shells provide ample air flow and do not become compacted like other pillow materials. Buckwheat pillows provide excellent support and will conform to your body. Additionally they are great for people with feather and foam allergies.

You can see an example and even purchase one here at this Amazon AFF Link.

You could also use pillows with cooling gel in them such as this Classic Brands Reversible Gel Pillow. (Amazon Aff Link)

I also saw mention of a fan with a small duct that went under the foot of your bed sheets. This blew air under the sheets keeping you cool all night. I am very intrigued by that but have not found one for sale just yet.

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