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5 Best Kids Camping Chairs of 2021 – Get Them One Today


Last weekend we found ourselves at the lake. I noticed every time I turned around one of the kids had piled into my chair. This led me to thinking that I needed some simple chairs for them that could be easily packed up and brought to the lake or down by the fire pit. I began to consider what features would be nice to have and came up with the following features that would make a great kids camping chair.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Durable
  3. At Least One Cup Holder
  4. A Storage Bag

I decided that I would do an internet search when I got home and see what kind of options I could find with these features. This led me to deciding to throw it all into a detailed guide for you and so here we go. The top 5 camping chairs for kids.

Comparison Table

Kelsyus Kids CanopyQuikshade CanopyCamping World CompactRedCamp Camping ChairColeman Broadband
Chair Weight6 lbs5 lbs3 lbs7 lbs7 lbs
Weight Limit75 lbs150 lbs225 lbs110 lbs250 lbs
Cup HolderYesYesYesYesYes
Storage BagYesYesYesYesYes
AdditionalBackpack Storage System
Canopy Roof
Canopy RoofSmall size for easy carryStorage on back and side
Padded Seat
Budget priced

The 5 Best Kids Camping Chairs

Best Overall Chair – Kelsyus Kids Outdoor Canopy Chair

Best Shaded Chair On a Budget – QuikShade Canopy Chair

Most Compact & Lightweight – Camping World Compact Ultralight

Most Comfortable – Redcamp Kids Camping Chair

The Best Budget – Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair

Best Overall – Kelsyus Kids Outdoor Canopy Chair

Best Overall Outdoor Chair

Chairs come in all shapes and sizes. One thing to consider is does a chair meet all the needs you have for it. Well Kelsyus has stepped up the game in this area. For example check out the Kelsyus Kids Canopy Chair. This chair meets nearly every challenge you can throw at it. 

Specs and Features

The Kelsyus Kids Canopy chair really checks the blocks when it comes to must have features. To start with it is easily portable. Due to its unique design the canopy folds down and becomes the carrying case while the padded armrests become shoulder straps so that the chair can be carried like a backpack.

The product is made with a durable steel/aluminum frame and a rugged outdoor fabric making it ideal for use outdoors.

While I feel that this chair is a great choice for younger children, I am a little disappointed in the maximum weight load being only 75lbs.

All in all, I would highly recommend the Kelsyus Kids Canopy Chair to anyone looking to pick up a durable chair that will last for years with proper maintenance. Granted, the weight limit isn’t the best out there, but with the canopy for sun protection, ease of carry and the durable design, you’re really getting the bang for your buck purchasing this chair for a child between the ages of 3 and 8.


  1. Lightweight – 6lbs
  2. Collapsible Backpack Design
  3. Sunshade Included
  4. Padded Comfort
  5. Integrated Cup Holder


The main drawback with this product is the lower weight limit compared to some of the other options, however since this is intended for a small child this is not a critical concern. Also the price tends to be a little higher than some of the other options, but considering the features and well designed product I feel this is within an acceptable range.

You can check the price at

Best Shaded Chair – QuikShade Canopy Chair

Best Shaded Seat

2.Pic of the Product (From Amazon)

Canopy Chairs have the added advantage of providing protection from the sun. That is true with the QuikShade Canopy Chair as well. Due to its simplistic design you are able to quickly get some shade set up even when there is none around. That makes canopy chairs ideal for trips to the lake and ball park.

Specs and Features

The QuikShade Canopy Chair comes with an easily adjustable canopy which allows you to adjust it in order to provide the best angle. This is unique as most designs only allow a single position. Due to its unique adjustment system you can position the sun shade in anyone of twenty different positions. 

The design of this product provides for moisture and stain resistant fabric and a weight limit of a whopping 150 lbs. That coupled with the light weight of only 5 pounds makes this a great choice for children up through their early teens.

If you are looking for a chair that comes with a sunshade then it may be worth considering this model.There are definitely worse choices out there.

I highly recommend the QuikShade Canopy Chair to anyone looking to pick up a shaded chair with a fairly wide weight range. While this chair does not contain as much padding as some of the other options, it does make up for that with the adjustable canopy for sun protection and light weight. Those factors coupled with its weight limit mean this is a great buy for children all the way up to around 13 to 14 years old.


  1. Lightweight – 5lbs
  2. 20 Position Adjustable Sunshade
  3. Stronger Frame at 150lbs Limit
  4. Includes a Safety Lock to Prevent Accidental Closing
  5. Integrated Cup Holder


The only drawback to this chair is the lack of padding compared to some of the other options, however since this is intended for a small child this is not a critical concern as they are not likely to spend an excessive amount of time seated in the chair. Despite the lack of padding if you consider the features such as overall weight, the amount of weight the chair can hold and the adjustable sunshade this product is a solid choice.

You can check the price at

Most Compact and Lightweight – Camping World Compact Ultralight

Most Compact Kids Camping Chair

Every now and then when doing a product review you find an item that truly surprises you. That was the case with this ultralight chair from Camping World. Camping World was founded in 1966 and since then has been a leading supplier of RV supplies and other camping related items. This chair lives up to their reputation, so make sure to check out the Camping World Compact Ultralight

Specs and Features

While the Camping World Compact Ultralight is not designed specifically for kids it does have many features that make it an ideal choice if light weight and portability is one of your primary needs. Originally designed to occupy small spaces and for backpacking this chair features a somewhat unusual design.

Despite its unusual look the chair is able to support 225 lbs and folds up to an ultra compact 4.7”x4.7”x14.2”. That is insane if you consider the fact that it is less than ⅓ the size of the other options on this list. This compact design means it will be much easier to store and carry to your desired location.

Due to the space age materials used in its design the Ultralight comes in at only around three pounds. That coupled with the small size means even small children can carry this around with ease.

The downside for me is the design is a bit strange. The first time or two that you put this chair up may be a struggle. It tends to be somewhat difficult to get the seat secured until you get used to it. 

In my opinion this is an excellent choice for a camping chair. Due to its maximum weights, compact design and light weight you are sure to get years of use out of this chair no matter what age you are. The difficulty in setting it up is quickly overcome and pales in comparison to the benefits of this compact beast. There is also no cup holder with this design unfortunately.

Considering the Pros and Cons I am comfortable recommending the Camping World Compact Ultralight to anyone looking for a chair they can easily fit in a pack and carry from place to place. The set up may be slightly different but once in place makes for a very sturdy and comfortable chair.


  1. Very Lightweight – 3lbs
  2. Collapsible Compact Design – Taking up less than 5x5x14.5 inches
  3. Very Strong with a 225lb weight limit
  4. Useable by both children and adults
  5. Features Ergonomic three dimensional cutting for extreme comfort.


The main drawback with this product is probably the lack of a cup holder and the set up process. Neither of these issues outweigh the convenience of the compact size and the comfort that this unique design provides. I feel this is a very strong candidate for a great camping chair for adults or kids.

You can check the price at

Most Comfortable – Redcamp Kids Camping Chair

Most Comfortable Kids Camping Chair

One thing to consider when looking for anything child related is the need to store supplies. This RedCamp Camping Chair comes with ample storage and provides numerous ways your child can keep their items stored in one central location at the campsite.

Specs and Features

The RedCamp Kids Camping Chair excels in both comfort and storage. Featuring padded armrests and back your child will have no qualms about sitting in this chair. 

If storage is of interest to you then you are going to love this. The chair features a Unique Mesh Pocket in the back of the chair that is ideal for holding snacks, toys, books or even flashlights. There is a cupholder on the front and a second pocket on one of the arms providing yet more storage.

In addition to the storage the chair is designed with special rotating feet making it stable even on terrain that may not be perfectly flat.

For a kids chair, this one comes in at an acceptable 115lb weight limit. This makes it appropriate for the age ranges of 4 to around 14 years old.

One thing to point out with the RedCamp Kids Camping Chair is that it is slightly heavier than than the other options coming in at 7.3lbs total weight.

If storage and toys is a concern then I recommend checking out this option. While the design is slightly heavier than the other chairs on this list the amount of storage which could translate into ease of keeping a small child occupied make it worth the tiny bit of extra weight.


  1. Padded Design – Comfort
  2. Storage Pocket On The Back
  3. Storage Pocket On The Side
  4. Advanced Rotating Feet for Added Stability
  5. Integrated Cup Holder


Overall product weight is a bit of a concern here, however that is negligible if you consider the extra storage you get with this option. A fair amount of the added weight likely comes from the extra padding and increased comfort found in this design.

You can check the price at

Best Budget Option – Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair 

Best Budget Kids Camping Chair

What list would be complete without including a budget option. The Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair is another one of the chairs on this list that were not designed specifically for kids. However, it does have the basic features that I determined would be appropriate. So let’s give it a quick look.

Specs and Features

The Coleman Broadband does not have coming out of its ears. However, it does feature a single cupholder and a very sturdy frame. The Broadband features a mesh back that allows ample air circulation.

With a weight limit of a whopping 250lbs, the Coleman Broadband has the highest limit of any of the chairs listed here. 

The product also features a wider than average seat allowing children to sit cross legged in the chair if they choose to.

Due to its rugged design it does weigh in at 7lbs making it a bit heavy. I also noticed a few comments indicating that the chair legs had broken at their connecting point after some use. I did observe that all of these comments indicated that an adult had been using the product at the time. Given that this is a recommendation for a child I feel that this should be a non issue as very few children come close to the 250lb weight limit. 

If you are looking for a budget option then the Coleman Broadband may be worth considering. It is fairly durable and can be had for a very reasonable price.


  1. Low Priced
  2. Carrying Bag
  3. Mesh back for air flow
  4. Integrated Cup Holder


The main drawback was some of the complaints that there had been breakage issues when used by full sized adults. However, overall the reviews were positive. Since this is being recommended as a budget children’s chair the described break point should not be an issue as children are far lighter than the recommended weight limit.

You can view the price at

How to Choose The Best Kids Camping Chair – A Look Into the Key Features 

One of the most forgotten or least considered items on a camping trip, trip to the ball field or lake outing is chairs. In some occasions adults have figured out, that the concrete benches or metal bleachers found at most parks and ball fields are uncomfortable.

These individuals will likely bring chairs for themselves. However, often the children are left to fend for themselves. Let’s change that by selecting chairs for them that can be easily taken to these locations as well. This is sure to increase their enjoyment of these family outings.

Choosing the right kids camping chair or lake seating does not have to be a difficult choice. However, there are some features that you need to consider in your search to select the appropriate seating option.

Evaluate your options, review which of these factors matter to you and then consider the options available. Once you have read this guide you should be able to make a smart purchase that fits your needs.

Buying a Kids Camping Chair: The Factors that Matter

Weight Of The Chair

Since many outdoor chairs are meant to be easily moved from one location to another weight can play an important factor. This may not be a big issue if you intend to keep the chairs stored in an RV and just pull them out right beside the RV when needed.

However, if you intend to carry your camping chairs across the ball field, down to the water’s edge at the lake or even on a backpacking trip then weight quickly becomes an issue. This is especially true when talking about chairs for kids.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children generally should not carry more than 10% to 15% of their body weight. To put that into perspective the average five year old weighs around 40lbs. (40*10%= 4lbs) So for a five year old a chair weighing around 4 lbs would be the most they should carry for any distance. Even in the case of an 8 year old with the average weight of 57lbs the max recommended weight would be (57*10%=5.7lbs).

As you can see, it does not take long to reach the max weight they should be carrying. Due to this if, you expect them to be able to help carry some of the items then seeking out lighter options is ideal.


The durability of an item plays a huge part in determining if the value of the purchase is there. This is also true when looking for camping chairs that are going to be used by children.

Camping chairs, or outdoor chairs, are often left outside in the elements, moved from place to place causing them to be banged against things, and dropped frequently. In addition to this children who may not take the greatest care of them are often the primary users.

These factors make durability a critical issue. Some of the things that contribute to durability are the materials and design style of the chair.

You should be looking for a metal frame covered in a durable material. Frequently the frames are made from metals such as aluminum, steel, or fiberglass. Each of these materials has different benefits and downsides. For instance aluminum is lighter but also weaker than steel.

The fabrics that cover the chairs can range from simple cotton cloth to special polyester blends as well as others. Some common examples include 300d Polyester, 600d Rip stop Polyester, 800d Oxford Cloth, to name a few.

Of these examples, the Oxford Cloth would be the weakest of the bunch followed by the 300d Polyester. The 600d Rip stop is an ideal material for camping chairs and is very strong.  

Method of Carry

Since we have discussed being able to carry your camping chairs various distances you need to consider how these are carried. Some models of camping chairs, including those for kids and adults, come with dedicated bags to place them inside. Others come with a carrying strap attached directly to the chair.

Which of these options is the best is up to you. Perhaps you like the extra bag as it keeps the chairs clean when in storage. Then again, perhaps trying to fit the chair in the bag is a nuisance for you and you would prefer a simple carrying strap. One thing to point out, is that I prefer the bag as it minimizes the chance that the legs of the chair get tangled up in other items.

A final consideration is if you plan on backpacking with your camping chair, how can you either fit the chair in your pack, or attach it to the outside.

Rated Weight Limit

The recommended weight limit is an obvious factor you should consider when selecting a camping chair. This is even important for children’s chairs. Most of the chairs I recommended had weight limits more than sufficient for the average sized child, however you should verify that it meets your needs in this area.

Convenience Features

In addition to the features discussed above some other factors to consider are ease of setup, whether or not your kids camping chair contains cup holders, and how easy it would be to clean.

Some models of camping chairs may include such features as small drink coolers or dual cup holders. One of the models I listed includes several pouches to store kids toys and snacks along with a cup holder for the children. Consider all of the available options and use that to determine what features you can’t live without.


While price needs to mentioned, as it should always be a consideration I have listed it last. This is largely due to the fact that I would rather find a comfortable chair that meets the needs I have then to focus solely on price. That being said there is no need to purchase a $300 chair if a $60 can meet all of my needs.

Determine what is appropriate for your budget and roll with that. Keep in mind if you have multiple children and if you may need to purchase additional items such as an equipment wagon.


After having considered each of these features you can use this information along with the suggestions I have selected for you to make an educated determination on which of these outdoor chairs best suit your lifestyle.

Kids Camping Chair Frequently Asked Questions

​Numerous questions arise when discussing camping chairs. Four of the most common are listed below. If you have any additional questions relating to camping chairs for kids in general then ask at the bottom of the post and I will attempt to answer them for you.

Are camping chairs good for the beach?

Generally speaking camping chairs are not the best choice for the beach. This is due to the fact that they generally have unconnected legs and will sink into the sand. With that being said though, they can be used on wet sand or even dry sand if you do not mind them sinking into the sand somewhat. 

Can you wash camping chairs?

All of the camping chairs discussed in this guide and many others can in fact be washed. Generally you should first attempt to wash them with water only, though a mild solution of dishwashing liquid and water should be fine. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia though as they can damage the fabric depending on the material.

Are camping chairs comfortable?

The comfort level of your outdoor camping chair depends largely on design and materials used in the construction. In almost every case they are far more comfortable than sitting directly on metal bleachers or concrete picnic table benches.

Do camping chairs rust?

Since these types of chairs are designed to be used primarily outside they have frames that are usually made from either aluminum or coated steel. This prevents them from rusting. Some models may rust though if this protective coating is scraped off of a steel frame.

Learn How to Pitch a Tent

Picking The Best Kids Camping Chair – How To Make The Right Selection

We have discussed all of the features that make a great kids camping chair. With that information in hand you can evaluate your options and determine which one is correct for you. Is a sunshade important, what about cup holders? Do you need a lightweight option or would you better served by a heavier sturdier alternative?

In any case it is obvious that children should have their own outdoor chair and it is probably in your interests to make sure you select one that will last for years and that is light enough that they can carry it on their own.

For your convenience I am listing the comparison chart here again for you. ​

Kelsyus Kids CanopyQuikshade CanopyCamping World CompactRedCamp Camping ChairColeman Broadband
Chair Weight6 lbs5 lbs3 lbs7 lbs7 lbs
Weight Limit75 lbs150 lbs225 lbs110 lbs250 lbs
Cup HolderYesYesYesYesYes
Storage BagYesYesYesYesYes
AdditionalBackpack Storage System
Canopy Roof
Canopy RoofSmall size for easy carryStorage on back and side
Padded Seat
Budget priced

What is your take on outdoor chairs? Are they worth the investment? Please share you opinion in the comments below.

We are glad you came to check us out today and hope that you found the information you were looking for. After you have checked out these chairs why don’t you see some of our other articles, such as Living in a Berm Home.

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